Scholarship Application Tips

  • Do I need to answer all the questions?

    Some questions are optional. The questions are designed to match your application to the specific criteria requirements in some of the scholarships and require an answer to be matched.

    When should I fill out the scholarship application?

    • The application deadline is March 1st
    • If you wish to be considered for need based scholarships, you must complete and submit a FASFA prior to the scholarship application deadline.

    What happens if I wait?


    • If you wait until the deadline to submit your application you are more likely to make mistakes in
      your answers or essays.
    • If numerous students are trying to submit their applications during the final hours before the deadline, system lag may occur causing you to miss the deadline. There are no exceptions to the deadline. Plan ahead and submit your application early.
  • All students who receive a scholarship are required to submit a thank you letter as a criteria condition of receiving your award.

    • One page is sufficient.
    • Donors like to know something about the person who is receiving their scholarship.
      • Why you chose your major.
      • How receiving this award will help you achieve your academic goals.
      • What organizations you are a part of, or what you do to serve your community.
      • What you would like to do with your degree.
    • Thank the donor for their support instead of thanking them for selecting you, donors don't choose the scholarship recipient.
    • You must proof read your letter. If you do not and there are errors you will be required to submit a corrected letter.
    • Print your name and sign.
    • Letter must be submitted online, you may also send the original or a hand written note to the office of scholarships.
  • In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, Kennesaw State University must obtain written consent from a student before releasing the financial aid records of that student to a third party. Such written consent must be signed and dated by the student, specify the records to be released, state the purpose of the release, and identify the party or class of parties to whom release may be made. If awarded a scholarship that requires your information to be submitted to a third party/donor you wll be required to download a copy of the FERPA form, sign it and deliver it to the Office of Scholarships.